I just saw this post from VKC about updating the footer of your website, meaning the copyright section. It occurred to me that it’s a manual process for my fully auto-generated blog, so I never think about the copyright info in the footer. Static sites do kind of have a shortcoming of sort.

I still have my photos on a WordPress blog and it automatically updates the copyright, which came up, very recently, in a conversation with a friend and yet I never thought about my Hugo site (this one). I wonder if I need a build pipeline that triggers at midnight UTC every year just to update the footer!? No.

I wanted to scribble this thought quickly to first, trigger a rebuild and secondly, to put a commitment to finally investigate the Creative Commons licenses and choose an appropriate license site-wide. I would like for any information/photo/art to be usable for non-commercial use with attribution and maintaining an equivalent license. =====