There’s a new section on the website for Film Photography that is being built by Hugo but independent of the blogging workflow. I’ll create a new entry documenting how that is setup in a follow-up post.

I’m not sure if the film photos should be a on the main blog feed but without realizing it I have flooded the RSS feed, perhaps it should be on it’s own feed (don’t want to inconvenience the non-existent readership of this blog!). The other thing that might require some thinking/restructuring is whether to use categories to get a better handle on taxonomies. Hugo does not do hierarchical tags but posts tagged with camera and camera/canonQL17Giii will show up under the camera tag, which is nice but a drill down would be preferable (without extensive JavaScript magic). Categories could serve as the drill down but I don’t know if that added convolution has any practical benefits.

For now, I’ll just leave a family portrait of the range finders: Olympus 35 SP, Canon QL17 Giii, and Olympus 35RC.

Three range finder cameras all with silver tops and black bodies are lined up left to right, larger to smaller on a wooden table top with great walnut figure. The cameras left to right are: Olympus 35 SP, Canon QL17 Giii, and Olympus 35RC
Family photo