This entry and all previous ones are taken verbatim from the gemini capsule.

Establishing a web presence

The gemini capsule has been an interesting experiment. In order to be the change I want to see, I will be creating a personal website/blog and the articles will appear both as html and gemtext. All entries prior to this have been made with Android+Termux+emacs. Going forward, the entries won’t strictly be made from Termux.

Static site using org-mode

Org-mode has good html export capabilities and using it with SimpleCss [1] provides a pretty decent standalone webpage. However, creating a site that will auto-generate navigation and headers/footers is a bit more involved.

Hugo / Ox-gemtext

One option is to write the content in org format, use ox-hugo [2] for content export to enable Hugo for the site generation and use a gemtext exporter for gemini. ox-gemtext [3] does not handle gemtext markup for links properly and the generated TOC and section choices are not quite to my liking. Might need to investigate another option. Better to get started than find a perfect solution.

[1] [2] [3]