I was privileged to visit Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean last week. While the whole reason for the trip was scuba diving (the entire island is essentially a dive site, just walk out into ocean in any direction), I also enjoyed the downtown area and found the art very charming. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye:

A sign painted on a wall reading Bonaire with a red heart painted between bon and aire. The red heart has the shape of the island inlayed in white.

My favorite mural was definitely this whimsical scene of this mural of a guy vibin’ with some chill goats and playing his ukulele. The island has a lot of wild/stray goats and they’re definitely quite chill and the baby goats are super cute, kid you not! The artist is Dodici and has a very unique style.

Street mural of a man wearing a straw hat, red shirt, blue shorts, reclining while playing a ukuele while three goats surround him chewing leaves with funky expressions.
Dodici's goats

The island is also famous for its flamingos grazing in the salt flats. Bonaire is a sea-salt producing island and there are huge mounds of salt that are stacked before shipping, all of that area is a good hang for flamingos. I was lucky to get to see some flamingos up close while at the Washington Slagbaai National Park. But I think I saw a lot more flamingo art, which was also great.

Wall mural of a flock of flamingos standing and grazing in the salt flats. Only one of them is standing on one leg, the classic pose.
Colony of Flamingos
Wall mural of four flamingos at different distances away from the observer take flight with the salt mounts in the background and the pink salt flats in the foreground.
Flamingos take flight over the salt mounds

I enjoyed the simple style of this mermaid and the paint colors effectively capture all the hues of the waters around Bonaire.

Outline of a mermaid with the middle filled with shades of blue and green paint.

Dushi means all the things in life that are good and sweet. The artist tag is @kayakorsou but I wasn’t able to find an online presence.

Wall mural of an underwater scene with corals and fish with a mermaid floating and taking the scene in. On the right side there's a layer of stripes with a massive hummingbird seeming to hold up a sign reading 'dushi Bonaire @kaya korsou'
Life is dushi in Bonaire

We can’t end without yet another cute flamingo!

A flamingo painted on a wall with more of a cartoony style with big pretty eyes and the classic standing on one leg pose.
Cute cartoony flamingo