I like and use the Alacritty terminal emulator, but it does not automatically follow the system theme. The issue tracker discussion made it clear this feature won’t be supported, fair enough. And after switching to TOML and discovering partial imports, I knew I could scratch my own itch. Someone wrote a rust tool which was helpful as a guide but I wanted something with low dependency. So I made a bash script and a systemd service and it was fun(?) to learn more about dbus.

So, alacritty-auto-theme was born which automatically switches themes with manual override possible, repo on Github and Sourcehut.

Originally this was a long blog post but I moved the breakdown on how to make a small script and write a systemd service with it. That article is more instructional and is written for an audience that might be interested in tweaking their system but does not necessarily have a technical background so explaining what is happening and why is going to be the focus.